Music @ SHC

The Music Department has hosted three significant events recently. All students enrolled in the Instrument Music program performed a piece in front of an audience, in order to learn the art of performance – its pitfalls and triumphs. There were over 100 performances, so these took place in three different venues at the same time. I offer my congratulations to all students who took to the stage, and especially to those who performed for the first time.  Performance can be a daunting experience, but ultimately worthwhile.

On Friday 26 May, over 40 students boarded a bus to perform at three of our feeder primary schools – Our Lady of the Rosary in Kyneton, St Ambrose in Woodend and Holy Cross in New Gisborne. Our Chamber Singers, All-Comers’ Choir, Concert Band and Show Band provided a 45-minute show at each school to rapturous applause. Feedback from the students at these schools is that they loved it and want to come and be a musician at Sacred Heart!

Then on 1 June, the Music Department presented its annual Ensembles Concert. This concert featured all ensembles at the College.  This included the Percussion and Guitar Ensembles, Piano Duets, Choirs and Bands and Chamber Orchestra.  The concert also featured classroom ensembles which included students from both Year 7 Music classes, both Year 8 Music classes and Year 9 Music class.  Students enrolled in these classes were required to perform with their class.  This performance was a very important element of the subject curriculum. The Theatre was completely packed and at the supper after the event, the feedback was incredibly supportive with parents and students overwhelmed by the level of talent and hard work within the students of the Music Department!

This concert was a wonderful opportunity for the students to see and hear their peers perform and reflect upon their own performance skills.