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Sacred Heart College recognises that a pleasant, safe school environment supports student well being and promotes successful student education. Our buildings and amenities have continued to expand as a result of a large range of subjects being offered to our students.

Read More Spaghetti Machine Contest 2017

Spaghetti Machine Contest 2017

Throughout this year, thirteen Year 10 students, along with Laura Martin (mentor) from Year 11, Mrs Payne, Mr Paxton and…

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Read More The Science Behind ‘Interstellar’

The Science Behind ‘Interstellar’

National Science Week Celebrations Sacred Heart College was privileged to have the opportunity to host a presentation by Chief Scientist,…

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Read More Constitutional Convention

Constitutional Convention

Energy Solutions on the agenda at Constitutional Convention Solutions for Australia’s growing energy crisis were top of mind at the…

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Read More Jarlmadangah 2017

Jarlmadangah 2017

Our students have recently arrived back from their wonderful immersion at Jarlmadangah in Western Australia.  The students worked with the…

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Read More Spirit of Sacred Heart Winners for Term Two

Spirit of Sacred Heart Winners for Term Two

The Spirit of Sacred Heart Awards (SOSH Awards) are designed to acknowledge these students and to celebrate the Mercy Values…

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Read More Semester One Academic Awards 2017

Semester One Academic Awards 2017

It is always a pleasure to recognise achievement. Our criteria for the Academic Awards at mid-year are: Overall academic excellence…

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Read More Mark Greenwood ‘Myths and Legends’

Mark Greenwood ‘Myths and Legends’

Children’s Author, Mark Greenwood, attending the College Thursday 8 June to breath life into ‘Myths and Legends’.  The Year 7…

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Read More Professor Bunsen Visits SHC!

Professor Bunsen Visits SHC!

On Thursday 8 June, Professor Bunsen attended the College for a Year 8 Incursion and enthralled the students with his…

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Read More Music @ SHC

Music @ SHC

The Music Department has hosted three significant events recently. All students enrolled in the Instrument Music program performed a piece…

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