Spaghetti Machine Contest 2017

Throughout this year, thirteen Year 10 students, along with Laura Martin (mentor) from Year 11, Mrs Payne, Mr Paxton and Mr Lakey, have worked tirelessly to create a ‘spaghetti machine’.  This machine, put simply, is an over-complicated engineered piece of work designed to complete a simple task.  For this year, the task was to demonstrate recycling, by building a machine that could crush a can and put it into a recycling bin.

Through the use of chemical reactions, mechanical steps and different energy exchanges, we were able to crush 6 cans in 40 seconds, using mainly recycled materials.

On the competition day, after a few malfunctions and trial runs, we were judged against some of Melbourne’s finest schools.  Much to our excitement, we won the overall ‘Spaghetti with everything’ award, and was awarded second place in the entire competition.

A huge thank you to everyone involved, especially the teachers for their guidance and help.