Spirit of Sacred Heart Winners for Term Two

The Spirit of Sacred Heart Awards (SOSH Awards) are designed to acknowledge these students and to celebrate the Mercy Values that are acted out on a regular basis in our College.

Year 7                   Harrison Gatt                  

Mercy Value        Hospitality   

How this value was demonstrated –   Harrison has provided Hospitality by using his skills to provide comfort to others at very late notice.  He gave up a day when many of us took a break to recharge our batteries. For someone so young he could have been excused for his own needs, but he provided his skills knowing that others would enjoy his performance.   Thank you Harrison for playing the last post at our observance of ANZAC Day but importantly, for external services such as Kyneton.

Year 8                  Genevieve Schipano

Mercy Value Service & Compassion

How these values were demonstrated –  Genevieve quietly demonstrates initiative on a daily basis.  She takes on leadership in a quiet but confident manner and always treats others with kindness and compassion.  Her tireless efforts are really appreciated by her homeroom, the wider cohort and staff. 

Year 9                 Peter Vinogradov

Mercy Value Respect

How this value was demonstrated –   Peter exemplifies the Mercy value of respect, respect for others, of our school and for himself.  Peter always wears his uniform perfectly, comes to classes promptly and  is well prepared. He is organised and diligent with his homework and takes pride in his work. Peter treats his classmates and staff with politeness, courtesy and appreciation.  It is important to him that he act respectfully.

Year 10             Kristan Knight

Mercy Value Respect, Compassion, Hospitality & Service

How these values were demonstrated –  Kristian continues to live out his school life with respect for himself and for his peers.  He is committed in his actions, demonstrating this value explicitly, during a recent subject Assessment Task where within group – work the diversity of talents and strengths of all members was valued and welcomed openly.  Through leadership, humility and grace Kristian enhanced the cohesion and productivity of this group for the betterment of all.  Kristian is empathetic, caring and supportive of others whilst remaining authentic and true to self.

Year 11             Zali Hudgson

Mercy Value Respect, Compassion & Hospitality

How these values were demonstrated –  Zali is a willing friend who is always happy to help out a friend in need. She is willing to go the extra mile when trying to help people and make them happy. 

Year 12            Mackenzie O’Donnell

Mercy Value Service & Hospitality

How these values were demonstrated – Mackenzie is always willing to support students within the year group.