Year 10 Alpine Camp

On 28 August, the Year 10 cohort got to school early to embark on a five and a half hour trip to Falls Creek for our ski camp.  We stayed at Howman’s Gap, which was a five minute drive from Falls Creek, where we went to ski each day.  On the first day we were split into three groups, one group went cross-country skiing and two groups went downhill skiing. Cross-country skiing was a lot of fun, but there was a lot of falling over and a bit of frustration but everyone recovered and had an overall good time.

Catching the ski lift was good also because you had a view of the whole mountain and you could see everything so much clearer!  Downhill skiing was also heaps of fun, once the lessons were over in the morning everyone has to go off with a skiing partner and do the runs that were to their ability; downhill skiing was just so much fun!  Overall ski camp was an amazing experience that many of us will remember forever!  Ashleigh Wilson 10C